Lessons from Nana

Last night was the first time I have dreamt in six months. Or let me say, it’s the first time I vividly recall dreaming. The memories I hold may be non-sequential, but I don’t think that matters since the image shards my brain was tossing at me had very A Clockwork Orange story lines. OneContinue reading “Lessons from Nana”

Virtual Smiles and Tears

I’ve been a little quiet down here.  Yep, I am still in Belize.  The airports are still closed. We had expected to open in August. In fact, Danny Mellman was to arrive on August 20, but just 12 days prior, COVID-19 cases popped up on Ambergris Caye and the country locked down. So suitcases packedContinue reading “Virtual Smiles and Tears”

Thunderstorms of Change

There are so many ups and downs in this quarantine. This began as one of those down weeks. Struggling with the idea of opening, something that 65 days ago, when we were submerged by the knowledge that we would have to close our restaurants, we were buoyed only by the thought of when we couldContinue reading “Thunderstorms of Change”

A Dream Postponed or Accelerated?

It was a scary dream come true. After a few years coming to this little island paradise in Central America, Danny and I decided to dive in. No looking back we took the last of our savings and put it down on what would become his “retirement”project and my writing retreat.  A slice of heavenContinue reading “A Dream Postponed or Accelerated?”

The Sound of Silence

I have been writing in my head for eight weeks now. Or I guess ranting would be a better word. Maybe ranting doesn’t even describe it. Each day I wake up and remember where I am and what’s going on in the world, well I don’t remember straight away. Sometimes if my muscle-bound American bulldogContinue reading “The Sound of Silence”

Belize & Blue Ridge: Miles Apart, A Heartbeat Away

There are few places in this world that stole my heart on the first visit – Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Blue Ridge and San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. And when I mean “stole my heart” – I mean the moment I first wandered the streets of these places, I knew I would return. And return often.  WhenContinue reading “Belize & Blue Ridge: Miles Apart, A Heartbeat Away”

Fall on the Farm

I recently took a road trip with my dog Moose. He’s a fat, not-so-old, hound dog that’s become a couch potato since he’s been confined from running free and hunting at will. He is a great cuddler. I set out on a mission to surprise my mom and family in Connecticut and also give the old man a “final” road trip.

It turned out we both got so much more from the trip.

Barbecue, BBQ, Bar-b-Q, Barbeque

What is Barbecue? Is that one of the most loaded questions in the South? I must admit, I was born in the North. And while my heart is Southern now, I am still one of those uncommitted barbecue enthusiasts. I have a confession to make, and I will apologize now, but growing up, barbecue toContinue reading “Barbecue, BBQ, Bar-b-Q, Barbeque”