Lessons from Nana

Last night was the first time I have dreamt in six months. Or let me say, it’s the first time I vividly recall dreaming. The memories I hold may be non-sequential, but I don’t think that matters since the image shards my brain was tossing at me had very A Clockwork Orange story lines. OneContinue reading “Lessons from Nana”

Virtual Smiles and Tears

I’ve been a little quiet down here.  Yep, I am still in Belize.  The airports are still closed. We had expected to open in August. In fact, Danny Mellman was to arrive on August 20, but just 12 days prior, COVID-19 cases popped up on Ambergris Caye and the country locked down. So suitcases packedContinue reading “Virtual Smiles and Tears”